A Million by May – Becker College / Overview

Executive Summary

While many colleges and universities are struggling with low enrollment, financial shortfalls, and reputation challenges, Becker College continues to thrive and transform under the leadership of President Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. The leadership at Becker is moving forward with an Agile Mindset and a “Blueprint for the Future: The Next Seven Years,” which focuses on:

• Brand, Reputation, and Innovation

• Graduate and Undergraduate Education

• Infrastructure and Resource Development

This strategic vision charts the direction for the next seven years. It includes: creating groundbreaking programs; identifying and realizing significant capital projects; strengthening the institution’s financial foundation; and preparing students and faculty to compete in a global society.

To meet the strategic vision, additional resources will be needed to support six consecutive years of record enrollment growth. Currently academic program facilities and housing are at capacity. Becker will embark upon the first phase of a multi-year campaign by raising $1 million by May 2017. The campaign will launch Becker College into its next phase of growth to achieve university status, expand academic programs, enhance its brand and reputation, and spur innovation to create a new model for 21st century small private colleges.

Phase I

Strategic alignment to meet high priority student needs – Becker’s burgeoning enrollment growth has filled its facilities to capacity:

•  Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Leadership | Catalyst for comprehensive, overarching strategic vision;
foundation for future growth opportunities ($1-1.5 million by May 2017). This is the final phase of a $5.8 million building and renovation project.

Center for Innovation | Epicenter for thought leadership for the College, strategic planning and partnership creation ($500-$725K). This will support the renovation and programming at 84 William Street, which is next door to the Barrett Center. Connecting this facility to the Barrett Center supports the campus master plan and effectively utilizes urban space.

Phase II

Built upon successful implementation of Phase I:

• Build and Renovate Academic Facilities

• Build and Renovate Residence Halls

• Upgrade Athletic Facilities

• Support and Expand Technology Infrastructure

• Support Scholarships, and Faculty and Program Development

• Create Endowed Faculty Chairs

Differentiating Element

Originating in our Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Leadership, Becker’s Agile Mindset and the Massachusetts Digital Game Institute at Becker (MassDiGI @ Becker) will offer a unique learning experience and a personalized education by:

• Advise for multiple careers vs. advising to the curriculum/degree

• Create entrepreneurial endeavors to support economic development and job creation via MassDiGI @ Becker

Becker’s mission is: to deliver to each student a transformational learning experience—anchored by academic excellence, social responsibility, and creative expression — that prepares graduates to thrive, contribute to, and lead in a global society.


Engage partners for an inaugural investment of a $1 Million+ Capital to support the $5.8 million building and renovation of 80 William Street, future home of the Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Leadership.


By 2023, “Becker University,” with its award-winning Centers of Excellence, will have 2,800 students enrolled because one inspired, future-thinking alumna, Colleen C. Barrett, president emerita of Southwest Airlines, had the vision to invest with an inaugural gift of $1 million to build a Center for Global Leadership.


There are clear parallels between the celebrated transformation at Southwest Airlines and the inspired transformations taking shape at Becker College. Colleen Barrett’s example of a servant leader and alumna at Becker and the College’s vision to educate its graduates to thrive, contribute to, and lead in a global society will prepare them to meet the challenges and opportunities the future presents.